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In the days following 911, David Weiss, President of Paybyweb, Inc. attempted to make a donation to the American Red Cross.  Unfortunately, their site was down as too many people were trying to make online donations.  Since Paybyweb provided payment processing, David contacted the Tampa office of the Red Cross and offered to raise money for them.  Believing that they would likely raise a few hundred, The Red Cross said yes and Paybyweb created an online campaign that ended up raising over $1,000,000.  After that, The Red Cross contacted David to raise money for them after virtually every hurricane, earthquake, fire, and disaster.  During that period, through David's efforts, he raised in excess of $6M for the American Red Cross, and others.   A few years ago, David created as a separate organization to provide support and help for those impacted by disasters.   We have responded to virtually every storm with help and supplies to those in need, and also provide food and supplies to homeless and others in need.   HMD was formed to provide a safe and EASY method for donors to donate.  Simple as that!  With over $6 million in donations raised for the American Red Cross,  Salvation Army, Humane Society of the United States, and others, has become a leading provider of charitable donations to those in need.  As a Registered 501c(3) charitable organization, you can trust that your donations to will directly benefit the most needy affected by disasters or hard times.  We provide support to schools, food banks, charities, the military, and more.  We appreciate your support and will continue our mission of helping people when they need it most.

Our Mission

Since 2001, we have responded to virtually every hurricane, earthquake, fire, and other disaster.  We have also provided food, supplies, and help to homeless, shelters, and others in need.   We have worked with The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, The Humane Society of the U.S, United States Military, and Law Enforcement.  Our Mission is simple...            

             HelpMeDonate exists to provide aid and support to those impacted by disasters or in need. 

How We Use Funds

Donations collected for disaster relief are used to provide supplies, funds, or assistance to those affected by specific disasters.   Donations collected for a specific disaster are generally used only for that cause.  Occasionally, the amount of supplies received may exceed the need.  In that case, may allocate those supplies to other organizations, shelters, food banks, etc. to ensure that food and supplies make it to those who need them most.   We offer a supply registry through Amazon Smile for the most needed items.  When you order, they are shipped directly to our warehouse and shipping is FREE!    When you order through our registry, Amazon makes a donation to us.  Send Supplies HERE.

Worldwide Support

COLLECTING FOR HURRICANE DORIAN RELIEF collected monetary donations and supplies for the victims of Hurricane Dorian.  This was the first disaster relief effort in which employed Amazon for supplies.  We know that many people are simply too busy to go out and purchase supplies and then have to pay to ship them.  Using a Disaster Relief Registry which contained many of the items needed in The Bahamas, donors were able to visit the registry, select the supplies, and Amazon shipped them directly to our warehouse for distribution.  Here is a picture of just a few days worth of supplies we received.

COLLECTING FOR HURRICANE MICHAEL RELIEF accepted donations for Hurricane Michael Relief.  Donations were used to immediately send truckloads of water and other supplies to N. Florida.  We sent over 250,000 bottles of water, along with tons of supplies.  These deliveries were made to Lynn Haven and Tallahassee, FL as well as two truckloads of water, over 54 pallets, to Tyndall Air Force Base, which was ravaged by the storm.  Much of our supplies were driven up to N. Florida from Tampa, by the Pasco Sheriff's Office, using their deputies and semi truck.  Pictured below, these deputies worked tirelessly to help load/unload and transport the much needed supplies.  Companies like Circle K, Cerro Wire, and Entertainment Benefits Group assisted in donating additional supplies which were provided to the folks in and around N. Florida as well.    



Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle, and that included Tyndall Air Force Base, just 12 miles East of Panama City. provided 2 semi tractor trailer truckloads, over 80,000 bottles of water to Tyndall Air Force Base, to assist them in their recovery.  Our Military protects and defends us each and every day.  This was our way of giving back and showing our appreciation for all they do.  


In the wake of Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria, HMD collected donations and provided hundreds of generators and water filtration systems to the ravaged island in 2017.   David Weiss,'s Founder and President joined the FLIGHT OF HOPE on a mission to Puerto Rico. donated and brought hundreds of generators (set up as Charging Stations so that people could charge their phones and let family know they were ok), water filtration systems, medicine, nurses, medication, and doctors to Puerto Rico, shortly after the island was devastated.  We also brought back to Florida over 40 of the very sick from Puerto Rico.  The Flight of Hope comprised of many partners, all who assisted in the mission which was the largest private assistance provided to Puerto Rico after the storm.

COLLECTING FOR THE AMERICAN RED CROSS began collecting donations on behalf of the American Red Cross in the wake of 911.  HMD's President David Weiss tried to make a donation on the Red Cross's site but their site was down, due to too much traffic. 
 David contacted Linda Carbone, CEO of the Tampa Chapter and asked if they would like HIM to raise money for them.   She agreed and David's first check to the American Red Cross was for over $1 million.  After that, the Red Cross contacted HelpMeDonate after each disaster, including Haiti Earthquake, Chile, Japan, Hurricane's Katrina, Sandy, and more. In all, via HelpMeDonate, more t
han $6 million was raised for the American Red Cross. 


Over the years, has raised money for many organizations including The Salvation Army, Humane Society of the U. S. and countless  others.  We are proud of our association with The Salvation Army, and other Disaster Relief Organizations.  At left are a couple of photos of David Weiss,'s Founder and President presenting a check for over $10,000 in donations to the The Salvation Army.  

                            Local Community Support


Saturday, July 18th, 2020, HelpMeDonate provided backpacks to
a school supply drive held by LivingHope Church.  The supplies 
were being distributed to families in need.