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AboutUs began in the wake of 911. Shortly after, David Weiss, HMD’s Founder attempted to make a donation at the American Red Cross website.  Unfortunately, their site was down due to too much traffic.  David contacted the Tampa office of the American Red Cross and offered to accept donations on their behalf.  Believing he might raise a few hundred dollars or so, they agreed.  Shortly thereafter, David contacted Red Cross back and informed them that he had raised in excess of $1M.  They were so pleased, that for the next ten years, they contacted David to raise money for them after each disaster, Japan and Chile Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, and many others.   

(Video of generators provided by, along with other supplies being unloaded in Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria.)

In the wake of Hurricanes Irma, Matthew, and Maria,HMD collected donations and provided hundreds of generators and water filtration systems to the ravaged island in 2017.   David Weiss,'s Founder and President joined the FLIGHT OF HOPE on a mission to Puerto Rico. donated and brought hundreds of generators (set up as Charging Stations so that people could charge their phones and let family know they were ok), water filtration systems, medicine, nurses, medication, and doctors to Puerto Rico, shortly after the island was devastated.  We also brought back to Florida over 40 of the very sick from Puerto Rico.  The Flight of Hope comprised of many partners, all who assisted in the mission which was the largest private assistance provided to Puerto Rico after the storm.

HMD was formed to provide a safe and EASY method for donors to donate.  Simple as that!  With over $5 million in donations raised for the American Red Cross alone, has become a leading provider of charitable donations.   Want to raise money on your own?  Perfect!  HMD provides a fast and easy method to create your own fundraising page, notify all of your contacts, and begin raising money in minutes.

HMD is the ONLY fundraising company that provides a charitable gift card that can be purchased and instantly sent to anyone as a gift.  They can then use their gift by visiting our site and using the Gift Card to donate to the fundraisers or charities of their choice.  Why send someone a Tie, when you can give them a cool gift that helps others at the same time?  HMD’s 4-Giving Card makes the perfect gift for that special someone.