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Ambassadors Red Cross Movement

Ambassadors Red Cross Movement

Many times we want to help someone in need , but for what ever reason can not at that moment. Community effects has always made a way for someone to get support and have the medical,dental ,housing , food and other supplies which is a basic life exspected thing to have just because we are human. If you feel like I do , that even the dommies of animals need and we are not perfect . You see I am demanding that you must help me make good on a debt requested by sick and helpless , elders,young among us. I have many times over paid people by myself. When someone owes you money it 's  not meeting the obligation to pay that matters much , but  what counts is that you can not ignore all your efforts to resolve the problem informally. Comming from a family of many and living a country girl life I have always believed that when a person owes money write a check, and prey that the check is going to get paid. Paying up $ 1,000,000. goal by the funds raised through American Red Cross @ Video Wireless .  We want to deal with checks, credit cards , cashier check, stock certificate, contracts and currency from all Countries . There will be no civil events, no criminal events and no remedies to the rain and floods. I have plans to make good on this note .In return for a loan I will receive from lender / investor , borrower promises to pay to  lender the amount of $ 1- unlimited dollar (principal), plus interest on unpaid principal at the rate of 0% per year from the date this letter or note is signed until it is paid in full , if there is more than one borrower, they agree to be jointly and severally liable . The term borrower refers to one or more borrowers. The term lender refers to more than one lender and to any person who legally holds this note, including a buyer in due course.    Thanks so much I look forward to working with you .Sincerely ,  Ambassador Verdell Monroe

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Created October 30, 2018