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Bohamians Survivors Seeking Shelter

Bohamians Survivors Seeking Shelter

I live in  West Palm Beach Florida and have experienced many weather events in my time. I have never expereinced or witnessed the tragedy and devistation my neighbors in The Bahamas have during and after Hurricane Dorian. The level of destruction has left the survivors in the Bahamas with nothing. Florida has played a huge role by  bringing the essentials and neccessities to the islands of the Bahamas, by boat and aviation. That being said, there are over 70,000 displaced from the devistation left behind from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. Federal and local government have come up with a plan to help with transitional housing on Marsh Harbor to help some people. I have a plan that will help more people. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines is a great place to start to give relief and shelter to the citizens of the Bahamas who lost everything. ONeil Khosa, who is the CEO of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines, said he would love to provide the opportunity to help by using his ships as way of shelter and food and water, and beds, and showers. Each ship can give 2000 people shelter, food, water, beds, and showers.  Mr. Khosa said the cost of each bed is $150 per day per person, for a fully staffed ship with fuel cost included. Each person gets, food, water, a comfortable place to sleep, a shower, air conditioning, a safe environment,  and a place where survivors can get the care and relief they need without worry.  This will help the citizens of The Bahamas who dont have the documentation needed to enter the US, and the people who dont want to leave their homeland. 

$ 220.00 of $10000000.00

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Created September 10, 2019