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Posted on August 31, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 500.00

Helping those impacted by Laura

Hurricane Laura has really done some damage. It's a very sad thing these family's and people are going through. I pray that God is with everyone of them and that they can get as much help as possible....

Posted on August 31, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 1500.00

Family of 6 evacuated need shelter

family of six evacuated from hurricane laura. our roof is gone and there's not projected to be power for weeks at home. have a non verbal autistic fourteen year old that makes shelter options very lim...

Posted on August 30, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 30000.00

Hurricane Laura Disaster Fundraiser

The Lake Charles Louisiana area was completely devastated by Hurricane Laura leaving the city out of power, water, homes, stores, and gas in most areas, the entire city is in shambles as of right now....

Posted on August 28, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 500.00

Broken hip relief fund

I broke my hip on my days off so I get no financial assistance for the 12 weeks I'll be down I'm on week 6 and I'm losing everything. Thank you for any help

Posted on August 28, 2020
$1820.00 raised of $ 750.00

Hurricane Laura Victims

Hurricane Laura struck parts of Louisiana and Texas as one of the most powerful storms in U.S. history, leaving widespread destruction. Across the cities, roofs and walls are damaged, trees are snappe...

Posted on August 28, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 1000.00

MemberSuite Hurricane Laura Relief

100% of Donations/Supplies will go to those affected by Hurrican Laura! The Preferred option is to drop ship supplies from Amazon. Depending on the size of donations a group of us will deliver the sup...

Posted on August 25, 2020
$253076.00 raised of $ 1000000.00

Hurricane Relief

With over $6 million raised for the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and others, HelpMeDonate has been a leader in helping people affected by disasters since 2001. Donate to Hurricane Relief below...

Posted on August 17, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 2000.00

Please help my furbaby

Hello my name is Christina and my handsome pup's name is Enzo. I first got Enzo at a month and he is now a big 1 year old baby. He is the sweetest boy. Enzo has two sisters he absolutely loves and enj...

Posted on July 1, 2020
$55.00 raised of $ 1000.00

School Supply Drive

We are Living Hope Church and we are a church plant in the Tampa Bay area that is launching in January. We believe Jesus has given us a Hope that is like nothing else in this world, and we believe we...