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Posted on February 5, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 700000.00

Team fundraiser The Spring Festival has come, but a sudden coronavirus has changed the hustle and bustle of the past. The rapidly expanding outbreak has overwhelmed th...

Posted on January 20, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 3000.00


Posted on January 13, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 5000.00

Need money for tennis training

I'm in bad shape a very good tennis player but don't have money to fund me or my travel I have worked all my life to be a better player but due to money missing out

Posted on January 9, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 1000.00

I need money for gift followers

Need money to gift followers stuff

Posted on January 5, 2020
$0.00 raised of $ 2500.00

Flood in Jakarta Indonesia

Floods that killed 60 people in Indonesia's capital after the biggest rainfall since records began should be a wake-up call to climate change in one of the world's biggest carbon emitters, environment...

Posted on December 30, 2019
$0.00 raised of $ 10000.00


we can't afford are bills and gas so pls help out!!

Posted on September 13, 2019
$10.00 raised of $ 1000.00

Bahamas relief

I'm a single mother who is trying to help those that are less fortunate than myself. I try to put myslef in other people shoes not ever knowing if i may end up in the same situation. My goal is a 1,00...

Posted on September 10, 2019
$1130.00 raised of $ 10000.00

Hurricane Dorian Relief

Your donation will be used to provide supplies to The Bahamas and help Hurricane Dorian victims. Every dollar counts.

Posted on September 8, 2019
$615.00 raised of $ 1000.00

Hurricane Dorian fundraiser

Hello everyone. My name is Leo Anderson, I am a sophomore at Lake Forest High School, and I am very determined in helping those individuals who suffered through Hurricane Dorian not to long ago. I am...