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Setting up your Fundraiser on is FREE!   All the services we provide, including the Volunteer Section, 4-Giving Gift Card, etc.   The fees we charge cover credit card/paypal processing fees and admin costs to operate the Platform and provide services to the community.  

Fundraiser Payout 0%3.5%
School Fundraiser 0%0%
Cause of the Month Payout
9% - Reduced from Payout to Fundraiser/Charity3.5%
4-Giving Gift Card Payout
9% - Reduced from Payout to Fundraiser/Charity
Disaster Relief Fundraising
9% - Reduced from Payout to Fundraiser/Charity

Fees subject to change per's Terms and Conditions.

Answer has been accepting donations online since 2001, when we helped raise money in the aftermath of 911.   

You can learn much more about us by CLICKING HERE


Our Federal Tax ID number is:  45-3362164

Answer provides FREE fundraising sites and many other services, which are free to users.  For example, you can come to our site, click on Volunteer in Your Community,  and find volunteer opportunities for you and your family, FREE.  

We have raised millions of dollars for Disaster Relief efforts since 2001.  Running a website like this, and providing services and support as we do, costs money.  We provide an opportunity for Donors to include a tip.  Donors can to select from pre-set amounts or opt out of a tip, if they prefer.  The tip amount will be added to their donation amount.  Tips are optional, and help us cover the costs of operating a business. 

If you give us a tip...we'll be your best friend!   


Due to payment constraints, provides fundraising services to the United States and Canada.  


When your fundraiser has been completed, you can login to your Fundraiser and mark it COMPLETED and Request your Payout.    In order to prevent fraud, payouts may require up to 30 days to allow for returns/chargebacks.   You will receive a check in the mail for the amount you collected, less any applicable fees. 

Answer works with many Charitable Organizations to provide personal items to those in need.  While many organizations do not accept or pick up personal items, will see to it that your donated items go to those who need them most. 

To send your personal items:
1.  Box up your items.
2.  Include a note to let us know where you want your items provided.
3.  Send to:, 709 S. Missouri Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756



You can donate to ANY Fundraiser or Charity as follows:

1.  Make your check payable to
2.  On the memo line, enter the name of the fundraiser or charity, so we know where to provide your donation
3.  Mail to:, 709 S. Missouri Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756


´╗┐Depending on the type of donation made, your donations may be tax deductible.   Donations to HMD's Disaster Relief Fundraising Efforts ARE typically tax deductible and donors will be provided a receipt with each donation made online.   While is not a 501c-(3) charitable organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service, we do provide donations FOR charitable organizations.  If you donate to a registered charitable organization via our site, your donation should be tax deductible.  We say MAY and SHOULD as we are a fundraising organization, not tax experts paid to represent you.  Please contact your tax professional for specifics to your case.  

Answer's has teamed up with VolunteerMatch to provide you up to the minute's has teamed up with VolunteerMatch to provide you up to the minute information so you can find places for you and/or your family to volunteer virtually anywhere.

Volunteer opportunities are added and updated by the minute.  You can search by area, zip code, City, FL, and find the perfect place for you to help out.

Volunteering Is EASY... 

 1. Click Home, at the Top Left of any page

 2. Scroll down until you see the picture at left.

 3. Click LEARN MORE and enter your search
     area.  You will see all the current volunteer
     opportunities in that area.



Gofundme used to charge a 5% platform fee along with payment processing fees of 2.9% plus .30 per transaction.  

Currently, Gofundme has suspended the 5% platform fee, and now says their service is FREE.  Not True.  Like you, we understand the meaning of the word FREE.  Gofundme is still charging the payment processing fee of 2.9% plus .30 per transaction.  So, unless we are really bad at math, their service is NOT free.