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Free School / Class Fundraisers

FREE FUNDRAISING FOR SCHOOLS AND CLASSES  understands the importance of schools and classes needing to raise money.  HMD's founder and President, David Weiss,  is a Father of 6 kids.  He has witnessed first hand how teachers struggle to provide essentials like paper, books, pencils, crayons.  For many years, he "adopted" classes to help provide supplies.   That's why School and Class Fundraisers are ALWAYS FREE at  

Benefits of HMD's Free Fundraising for Schools and Classes:

  • Kids not required to sell over-priced candy, candles or other items that make candy and candle companies RICH, leaving minimal funds to the school.
  • No funds to share.  You keep ALL the funds you raise
  • Built in integration with Social Media to get the word out FAST!
  • Easy COPY/PASTE the link to your fundraiser to make it easy to put in emails or social media.
  • Set Goals on your page and watch as the donations come in towards your goal in real time.

Setting up your FREE Class/School Fundraiser takes less than 5 minutes.

Registering your fundraiser takes less than 5 minutes.  Once registered, you can immediately begin accepting donations via credit card and Paypal. provides 24/7 support to assist you.  So, why pay a candy or candle company and get a "share" when you can receive 100% of the donations?