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Funkhouser's Hope

Funkhouser's Hope

A school district does not fully support students to go through an adventure through the European countries, yet they allow an adventure to the Asian countries because of the ratio of interested students who are willing to learn languages from Asian countries such as Japanese and Hmong.

My French teacher, Jenny Funkhouser has been fighting for years to allow her students to take a trip to French-speaking countries so they may be able to experience the French culture personally but has been rejected multiple times.

As a result, she decided to take matters into her own hands and planned a trip to France and travel south into Spain so her students could understand the culture and language first-hand rather than behind a desk. She has fought for her students and now has the chance to gather a group of students on an experience they get to enjoy once in their lifetime.

The trouble is, most students live in low or middle-class homes and are not able to fully afford the trip. There is hope for them yet as donations from hundreds can help a group of kids to view the wonders from across the world. Live a life the may not have gained the chance if not for the courage and passion from one single French teacher who has hope in her students to travel the world so they may broaden their visions, as I quote from Madame Funkhouser, "You are the future, made from the past, shaped through the present." 

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Created January 06, 2019
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