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Human Fund

Human Fund

My name is Dana Alsharief.. 

I'm 25 years old from Syria. I came to Turkey with my family in 2015 and strated working before graduating to support my family...

We lost everything in Syria and my father was scamed and lost all his money in Turkey, so I had to work and take different jobs to support my family... I had many dreams but they were all crushed in the cruel war... I had nothing and gave away everything to my family and I'm willing to continue on doing so but I have one dream. I would like to buy a car to help me go to my work eveyday. I would also like to own something even if it's the cheapest car on earth, I want to have something. The war and life took away everything I have but I  would like to be able to buy something of my own. For some my dream is small silly and insignificant and maybe no one will donate for such a cause but for me it means the whole world and makes a huge difference in my life...

I hope someone will donate and help me with my dream

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Created February 26, 2019