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Medical bills

Medical bills

My name is Robert Proctor I need help with my medical I'm on Social Security disability am I 55 years old not in the greatest health my mom and dad are still living my dad was just diagnosed with cancer is on chemotherapy my mother just had her third stroke and has to go back in and have stents put in again she's a chronic diabetic and they live in Florida I had to go down and help take care of them let's get best I could and I got behind on my medical insurance premium which is Humana and I need help getting caught back up I know you don't have to do it or you might just look past me don't think I deserve it but I try to keep my personal life away from everybody but I just can't do it then I'll Social Security you kind of limited in what you can do pay rent but I had to go down to Florida and help my parents there 80 years old what are you do and I got behind myself some people know where I'm coming from about this but sometimes I'm Too Proud to ask for help but I'm trying as you can see in your heart to help appreciate it don't judge me just looking for a little help thank you

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Created December 14, 2018