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One Final Trip Together

One Final Trip Together

Four girls. Four totally different attitudes. Four completely different dreams. One thing we all have in common is our love for our friendship. What started off as a two new students meeting two down to earth country girls, turned into a bond we’ll never forget. 

Starting the school year at a new school is hard enough, but being around new faces and personalities is nerve racking. Then you hope you meet nice people and hopefully new friends. Me? I didn’t expect to have people welcome me so openly and actually want to be my friend. I kept to myself but two of the most amazing girls broke that shell. I met Jessie and Erica in my APUSH class but didn’t really talk to them. I sat at the front of the class, they sat in the back. They answered questions, I stayed quiet. They talked to everybody, I stayed to myself and observed. Three totally different personalities. Then I met Belin. In chemistry class she sat two seats down from me and right beside Erica and was also quiet and to herself. Every assignment we worked together because we actually did the work, but none of us actually sparked a conversation other than about the assignment. 

Four different girls and one common denominator; friendship. 

Fast forward a couple months and now you have the beginning of a forever friendship. I figured I would talk to everybody this year and be one as a class, but sadly my classmates wanted cliques and drama while I wanted to pass and find a job. Thankfully I found a job, but with the help of one of my new best friends. Our friendship began with us organizing a class trip and it going left. We couldn’t agree on a class trip but we started a friendship. 

I say friendship so much because I’m truly blessed to have great friends in my life. We literally do everything together. We shop together, joke with each other, go bowling, go to the movies, go out to eat, and now we want to travel together. I recently went through a heartbreaking time that snatched my holiday joy and smashed my heart to pieces, but they were there to pick the pieces up and put them back together. When they discovered my mommy had passed the morning of my birthday, they came and were the shoulders I needed to cry on. I am forever thankful for them and wouldn’t trade them for anything. 

I ask that you help us raise money to take a final trip to Hawaii together before we graduate high school and go off to college. Thank you for your support and for reading our story. 

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Created December 17, 2018
Anastacia Prosser
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