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Rosie needs help

Rosie needs help

I am a for real Single mother of two teenagers. I'm in am emergency finacial assistance need in order to keep a roof over my kids head. I recently lost my mother and from there, I was kind of lost. Im back focus now bit need to caught up.  Now, my son started working .I hate that the financial strain is put upon him. I'm not a lazy person. I do work. The company that I work for have major financial issues , so I don't get paid righteously . Yes, I'm already waiting on my new job to clear that I have applied for .That I know I will have soon. But in the mean time , in between time ,,,,,I need help. I'm not trying to buy gifts because my bills getting paid would be a gift to my family . My kids understand shelter , and utilities are more important than Christmas gifts. Im not a scammer ,,I need help like last month. Please , somebody help us.. Thank you

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Created December 14, 2018